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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

SIGG Bottles - Swiss Made and Built to Last

You may not know SIGG, but you’ll certainly be aware of their products.  Their iconic range of water bottles can be found the world over, and are a popular choice with outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reusable water bottle capable of carrying the full range of fluids to stay fully hydrated when exploring the great outdoors.
The popularity of the brand comes the virtually unbreakable design of the bottles, which will keep fluids well protected even with pretty rough treatment. The bottles are constructed from a single disc of aluminium, and are impact extruded to produce an ultra lightweight construction which to all intents and purposes is unbreakable. The manufacture produces seamless bottles, without weak points to convey maximum strength no matter where you take your bottle, or what you plan to do with it.

SIGG Water Bottles
How rough can you be with SIGG bottles? Well a lot rougher than you probably think!

In 2006, Backpacker magazine decided to put the virtually indestructible SIGG bottle to the test, and compared it with the many cheaper alternatives on the market. How do you test the strength of a SIGG bottle? Well, naturally you use a 100lb cannon loaded with golf balls. Any water bottle which can withstand the blast will surely be up to pretty much anything the average hiker can throw at it. It was sadly not a good day for the competition, but SIGG survived the test, being the only brand up to the bombardment.

The virtually indestructible design ensures that come what may, you will be able to keep yourself hydrated, with a lightweight construction which is sure not to weight you down. The design allows you to strap the bottle to the outside of your pack for easy access, and to be displayed for all to see, and you will certainly want everyone to see your SIGG thanks to the extensive range of cool designs.

Whilst the red, blue and green bottles have long been the favourite with outdoor enthusiasts, however in recent years the SIGG bottle has become the must have fashion accessory, with the range expanded to include a plethora of designs, prints and slogans for expression of one’s individuality. SIGG bottles are increasingly being used for less demanding urban adventures, with celebrity SIGG sightings far from uncommon, with the likes of Cameron Diaz often seen displaying her SIGG when out and about around town. The brand has even featured in Vivienne Westwood’s 2010 collection, with a handful of exclusive designs used in her catwalk shows. Whilst her exclusive SIGG collection is not to be found in the shops, the current range at Purekit offers the next best thing, offering the fashion conscious the opportunity to keep hydrated in style. The SIGG Design Collection currently includes 7 great stylish prints to choose from, which are sure to go with any outfit. The winning styles and designs are considered to be works of art too, with two of the range of high fashion SIGG bottles now featuring in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, alongside the ilk of Miró, Kandinsky, Dalí and Picasso!
As with any fashion item, the old makes way for the new each year, with brand new designs added to the collection, and the old discontinued, so if you like what you see be sure to pick it up soon, as when the stocks sell out, you’ll not see the design again. Your SIGG bottle may last forever but the new designs are a real temptation, and before you know it you may have amassed your own range of highly fashionable bottles. Take care, because SIGG bottles can be addictive.

To view the range of functional, indestructible and highly fashionable SIGG bottles take a look at

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