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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Introducing Scarpa

It has to be said, that Scarpa is an appropriate name for an Italian footwear company, and is particularly apt for one which produces shoes to get you travelling at speed over all terrain. “Scarper” means to run away at great haste, and whilst the word is actually believed to come from the Italian word scappare - meaning to escape – however the naming is purely coincidental. Scarpa comes not from being fleet of foot, but is an acronym standing for Societ Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima, or the Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo mountain area. Be that as it may, if you want to be fast on your feet and make your escape into the mountains, it is Scarpa footwear that you should have on your feet.

Formed in 1938, Scarpa has a rich tradition in producing the highest quality footwear, using materials of exceptional quality combined with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is this which has made the brand a world leader in high performance footwear, with the company producing highly technical footwear for all highly technical mountain pursuits. From the shore to the summit, Scarpa make some of the best boots you could hope to have on your feet, and whether you want to move fast through the foothills or take on a vertical assault of the world’s most challenging peaks, you can be sure that Scarpa footwear will never let you down.

Over the years as technology has allowed, Scarpa has perfected its footwear and has used its extensive experience to seamlessly combined modern sophisticated synthetics with the highest grade leathers. The Asolo mountain region in Northern Italy from where the company hails, has long been known for the skill of its cobblers, with their leather working skills passed down from generation to generation and surviving to this day.

To many leather is leather, but to Scarpa it is so much more. The company does not rely on the thickness of the hide to give greater protection, and instead hand picks leathers to give the maximum possible protection, with Scarpa boot leather the best you can get. The company uses 6 different grades in their footwear to ensure the maximum performance and longevity. Full grain calf leather is softer and suppler than the standard leathers used by many footwear companies, and ensures comfort and a lightweight design perfect for hill walking boots. As the altitude increases and the terrain gets rockier and more punishing, HS12 Sherpa leather is used, with the 2.9mm leather more scuff resistant and providing extra support. The leather is also subjected to a highly technical tanning process to ensure that it doesn’t wet out, and will have the longest lifespan, and keep that just out of the box look even after really being put through the paces.

Even this high grade leather has its limitations, and for getting to the summit Scarpa uses Crosta leather for the comfort and high performance it offers, and if you really want the best, there is the Scarpa Reversed Anfibio Leather, used for its most technically advanced footwear. To make sure that they get the longest lifespan, Scarpa use an H12 treatment to impregnate silicone into the leather for exceptional strength and water resistance.

The six leather types are matched by 6 midsoles compositions to give a tailored level of support and comfort to match the task at hand, from high-flex midsoles for fast paced running shoes, to rigid midsoles with an integrated shank for mountaineering and climbing, you get a performance to perfectly match your activity. Whilst the highest quality materials are sourced, when it comes to construction and the art of shoe making Scarpa stands head and shoulders above the competition. Many outdoor footwear manufacturers use just a male and female specific last to construct their shoes. Even the most accomplished footwear manufacturers only use a handful of these templates, whereas Scarpa uses 18. Not only are the shoes and boots tailored to the anatomy, but are also tailored to the specific activity for which the shoes are to be used. It is this attention to detail which has made the brand a world leader for extreme mountain sports, and much loved around the world for the robustness and comfort which the shoes and boots offer.

Whether you want to climb every mountain or just ramble through the foothills, Scarpa has an extensive range of technical, comfortable and highly supportive footwear to suit. If you want the best protection for the feet for the most punishing terrain, it certainly is time to Scarpa, with a great selection now available at

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