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Thursday, 13 January 2011

LifeVenture Luggage and Travel Bag Accessories Now in Stock


If you want to make travel uncomplicated, and have the maximum in convenience, LifeVenture kit is an absolute must. Their range of products extends far beyond luggage, and if it makes travel more convenient, is lightweight and hard wearing, you can bet that they have it in their collection. Whilst their gadgets and gizmos have been stocked for some time at PureKit, the arrival of Lifeventure luggage broadens the range of packs and sacks to appeal more t the casual traveller. The Purekit Rucksack range has previously catered mostly for mountaineers and adventure sports enthusiasts, with high performance rucksacks and kit carriers for the toughest environments.

Whilst many rucksacks offer comfort for trekking and adventuring, the designs are often not best suited for the casual traveller, and are much better suited to taking a more pedestrian route. If you are going to be spending most of your travel time in the air, the rucksack is not ideally suited, with more straps than baggage carousels can easily cope with.

LifeVenture rucksacks offer a solution. They give the comfort and practicality of a rucksack, with the security and ruggedness of a suitcase. They are designed with air travel in mind, and have the extra security features to make sure that when your luggage goes out of sight; your possessions are still well protected. The backpacks offer all of the features the modern traveller needs, without all the extras required for mountaineering, keeping the weight down to a minimum, yet packing in a host of extra features for peace of mind and easy travelling.

It is a fact of air travel, that at some point, bags go astray, which is mostly due to lost luggage labels. To ensure that your Life Venture luggage never gets lost, the rucksacks and bags come with a fixed luggage tag to ensure that it is always identifiable, but as a backup it is i-trak enabled with a unique identification code.  All of the zips are lockable, and its sleek smooth design makes it easy to pack, easy to handle, and highly comfortable to carry.

If you prefer the convenience of wheels, yet still want a light pack for travelling, the LifeVenture Kohima is a great option. It offers the practicality of a rucksack and easy access to your gear, with a soft fabric design which is easily collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

For extra peace of mind, instead of opting for cheap padlocks, try out the range of LifeVenture luggage locks. Specifically designed to fit with all of the range of luggage, they offer the security to ensure that your pack contents stay safe. The problem with many robust locks is that when customs and the travel service are required to open luggage for routine checks, they have to break the locks. Fortunately, LifeVenture padlocks can give you the security you need, yet can be opened by customs and re-locked again afterwards.

It is attention to details such as these, and the hours of testing in the field by seasoned travellers which makes sure that all LifeVenture luggage and accessories give you the maximum convenience wand a good long lifespan. With LifeVenture luggage, you can be sure that your bags will never weight you down and you have the utmost in convenience, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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