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Monday, 24 January 2011

Take on the winter in style with Sorel Boots

There are winter boots, and there are Sorel winter boots, and if you really want to keep your feet snug and warm, it’s well worth investing in the latter. Whilst the cold, icy and snowy weather has had people moaning and loathed to leave the house, it is just the weather conditions in which Sorel excels.  The December snowfalls and icy Arctic conditions saw temperatures plummet to -15 in many parts of the country, but for Sorel boots, -15ºC is a virtual heat wave. The boots can cope with such trivial cold, and then some.

Sorel boots feature a bonded felt frost plug to ensure that even when the ground temperature has gone off the scale, the boots keep the feet perfectly warm, with a design which has proved effective at insulation down to 25 below zero, and that’s just for starters. Whilst the exquisite Joan of Arctic women’s boot will comfortably cope at this temperature, the Men’s Sorel Caribou boot has been tested down to 40 degrees below and still gives incredible insulation and comfort.

It is the Sorel Caribou boot which is probably the best known and best loved Sorel boot, with a design that is virtually unchanged since its launch. Whilst many winter boot and outdoor performance footwear companies can make such a claim, and have shoes which have been produced for years, the Sorel Caribou has 38 years under its belt, and is showing no signs of giving up the ghost.  It is a great example of the exceptional design, high degree of protection and the superb quality you get from the brand. Over the years, as technology has improved, the boots haven’t needed to be updated, other than a tweak to the rubber outsole for even greater multi surface grip, and a thinner, yet more insulating lining to give even greater protection from the cold. When you have such a great boot, why bother to change it?

Sorel boots feature a fully waterproof construction, thanks to full grain leather, nubuck and suede uppers, with a waterproof vulcanised rubber shell to cope with even the most rapid spring thaw, with a seam sealed construction to ensure that no matter how wet it gets, your feet stay perfectly dry.  

Excellent insulation, great grip, high comfort, and a waterproof design makes the boots highly functional for all cold weather walks, but what makes the brand stand out from the competition are the highly fashionable styles. Both the men’s and women’s Sorel collection features some exquisite model, which are just as well suited to a midwinter night on the town as they are trudging through Yellowstone in the depths of winter.
If you want the most fashionable footwear, whilst not sacrificing warmth and comfort there is no substitute or Sorel boots. If you are not familiar with Sorel, be sure to take a look at the full collection of, and prepare to be amazed.


  1. There are winter boots, and there are Sorel winter boots, and if you really ...

  2. There are winter boots, and there are Sorel winter boots, and if you really want to keep your feet snug and warm, it's well worth investing in the ...