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Monday, 31 January 2011

Guide to Superfeet Insoles

If you want to give your feet some extra protection, and could do with cushioning your joints from the daily stresses of walking, running, or simply standing, Superfeet insoles are one of the best options. However with so many models to choose from, what the best ones to put in your shoes?

There are 20 models of Superfeet insoles making up the range, and with so many to choose from, getting the right model to fit both your feet and your shoes may seem a little daunting. To help you get it right first time, have a look at our guide to Superfeet insoles and you will be one step closer to comfortable, healthy and perfectly well cushioned feet.

Superfeet Easy Fit
These three quarter length insoles offer support where it is needed most, with the heel well supported and cushioned to ensure that the heel is properly centred and lands in the optimum position. These Superfeet insoles set in motion the correct transition for your foot, smoothly guiding it forward through the stride. These models are suitable for all arch types, with the design raising the heel a little to give more comfort and great shock absorption.

 Lightweight and comfortable, these are the best choice for narrower fitting shoes, such as dress and work shoes, but are also a good choice for most casual footwear. The ¾ length makes them easy to fit into shoes with a narrower toe box, and for the ladies the Easy Fit High Heels model can give much needed relief. They will shift some of the body weight off the ball of the foot, and are perfect for preventing party feet following a night on the town.

Superfeet Trim to Fit currently stocks the most common Trim to Fit models, which cover all of your shock absorbing needs, and the full spectrum of footwear and foot sizes. The Trim to Fit range all use the patented stabilizer cap, a component which makes the brand exceptionally effective at providing long term comfort and support for the feet. They help to keep the heel aligned properly and provide more firmness underfoot, whilst still cushioning each step you take. Soft insoles and gel insert can often fail to provide adequate support, and rarely last for long. Superfeet Trim to Fit insoles on the other hand are designed to last for 12 months with every day wear, and will ensure you get exceptional value for money.

As the name suggests, this range of full length insoles uses a style which can be trimmed to fit comfortably in most shoe styles, however remember that you still need to chose the right size, with each model in the Trim to Fit range spanning one and a half shoe sizes.
Superfeet Blue
If you love your outdoor adventures, but suffer from blisters and foot pain after a long hike, these are a great choice. Designed for tight fitting footwear, athletic shoes, and walking and hiking shoes, they are thin for when volume is restricted, and the perfect choice for cleated shoes and boots. A great multipurpose choice, and the best bet if your shoes do not have a removable insole.

Superfeet Green
The green insole is the model which launched the brand and has been offering maximum shock absorption for over 30 years. It’s the best bet if you have medium to high arches, and gives the most support and cushioning. Due to the increased volume of the design, it is not suitable for narrow or low volume shoes and is better suited for footwear with a removable insole or sockliner. For most hiking boots and walking shoes is ideal, and perfect for long hikes to maintain comfort.

Superfeet Black
For low arches and flat feet, the black insert is superb. It is another low volume insole, well suited to slim shoes and is a comfortable every day model offering good support and cushioning. It’s another great choice for just slipping into a shoe with a fixed insole, and ideal for cycling shoes, dress shoes, and any footwear where space is at a premium.

Superfeet Berry
Not all athletic footwear offers a female specific lasted construction, and if your shoes don’t quite give the support you need, this is the best bet. This female only model can make all the difference to comfort for a full day on the feet. It features hybrid EVA contouring REBOUND™ foam to give excellent cushioning in the forefoot, and better protection for the metatarsals and toes. It’s not best suited to tight and narrow footwear, with a removable insole required for a comfort fit.

Superfeet Orange
Last but by no means least, there is the Orange insole, which does for men’s feet what the Berry Superfeet insoles do for women. It is custom designed to meet the needs of men who spend all day on the feet, with the same forefoot pad for extra comfort under the ball, and a solid thick heel for maximum shock absorption. Again, this is one for shoes with a removable insole, and ideal support for medium to high arched feet. 


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