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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Protect your vitals with Icebreaker Underwear

Icebreaker Base Layers & Underwear
The snow and ice may be gone in most of the country, however it’s still rather chilly and with bitterly cold winds, cold nights, and heavy frosts it pays to be a little more protected from the elements. Of course it’s cold enough at sea level, but if you are planning on any winter walking adventures in the hills, then you really need to build up your layers to stop the cold from spoiling your fun.

Adding extra layers will help you to stay warm, but when you start to warm up it’s not always practical to take off your layers. Whilst you can take off your tops and jackets, it’s not really the done thing to remove ones underwear when grabbing lunch in the ski resorts.  If you are wearing leggings, you just have to put up with the extra warmth, and sweat it out.

Fortunately with Icebreaker leggings and underwear it’s not an issue, as the clothing is constructed from merino wool. The material is ideal for protecting from the cold, with the merino wool fibres being excellent at insulating and trapping heat. However when the body gets warmer, the fibres wick away moisture fast, helping the sweat to evaporate and cool the body whilst preventing any feeling of clamminess. The clothing wicks away moisture and helps it move out of your layers. The clothing offers great performance and comfort in the cold, yet when you come back in to the warm, it helps to keep you cool and can wick away 10 times more moisture than modern synthetics.

The range of leggings for men and women are ideal for an extra layer of protection to keep your extremities toasty and warm, and the perfect underwear for all Alpine adventuring and extreme sports. Due to the ultra fine weave of Icebreaker clothing and the gusseted design, it moves with your body allowing the clothing to stay close to the skin. Flatlock stitching is highly comfortable, and the soft fibres means there is no chaffing.

Icebreaker underwear has no centre back seam to prevent irritation, and the highly breathable design and natural odour resistant properties of the wool will keep your Icebreaker clothing smelling and feeling fresher for longer.
Whether you want to keep warm for work, or protect your vitals from the chilly mountain air, you won’t find more comfortable undergarments than Icebreaker, with the full selection of warm underwear and cool top and jackets available from, the UK’s leading supplier of Icebreaker Merino wool clothing.

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