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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Outdoor clothing for all seasons

The winter has arrived with a vengeance and the wind battering at the door, and in conditions such as this the temptation when buying outdoor clothing is to opt for the warmest, most weather resistant model you can get your hands on. When it’s well below zero outside, the last thing on your mind will be the versatility to be worn on warm spring evenings and for getting through the chills of the late summer. However buying high quality outdoor clothing can get expensive, and if you do not want to be shelling out for new gear every season, you need to buy the most versatile gear.

Whilst there is a world of difference between clothing for the summer and winter, there is a great choice of kit which will comfortably see you through three of those seasons, and in some cases all four. Have a look at our pick of the multi-season clothing on offer from the best loved outdoor performance brands, and save yourself a little cash when buying your outdoor gear.

Icebreaker All-Season Clothing
Constructed from 100% merino wool, with excellent moisture wicking properties and an ultra lightweight construction, Icebreaker clothing is exceptional as a warm base layer, keeping the skin dry and the body well insulated. Combine a couple together and you’ll never have to worry about the cold again. It traps warm air to help insulate the body and carries on insulating when wet. However, just as it can keep you warm, it can keep the body cool and dry in summer too. Great designs make it suitable as under or outer wear and you will not find more versatile and comfortable clothing.

3-Season Footwear
For footwear to cope with all seasons it needs to have a high degree of protection to cope with thick mud, frozen ground, and torrential rain. It should be 100% windproof, rainproof and highly breathable. A good quality pair of walking boots will give you a good 3 seasons of wear, before sandals become a better option. If you love to get out and walk in the countryside in all seasons the Brasher Hillmaster and Berghaus Explorer Trek range are as good as you can get.

Berghaus 4-Season Jackets
It’s Berghaus again, with their legendary outdoor gear always top of the charts. Their jackets can cope with all seasons, by using a versatile design called interactive, or IA. The IA range consists of attractive and highly comfortable fleece jackets for spring to winter, which can be zipped into IA weather proof jackets to give extra insulation.  The Spectrum IA fleece is a super warm insulating layer, and an attractive outer jacket for warmer weather. When you zip it into the a High Trails or Mera Peak Gore-Tex jacket, you have an ultra warm and weatherproof system for winter, and two jackets which can be worn separately throughout the rest of the year.

Choose any of these items and you’ll get great value for money, but get them all and you’ll never have to worry about the weather again.

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