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Friday, 21 January 2011

Hollywood Stars Choose SIGG Bottles Over Plastic when Exercising can never be accused of choosing fashion over function, with the footwear and outdoor apparel collection hand selected to offer the maximum performance and protection for exploring the great outdoors.  However when it comes to water carriers, there is no reason why you can’t have fun with fashion as well.  SIGG is well known for producing the highest calibre water carriers, and offers a virtually unbreakable design thanks to its impact extruded single piece construction. You can throw it in the bottom of your pack, let it rattle around in the boot of your care, and can be sure that the contents will never leak and leave water stains on your favourite Gucci bag. Whilst the SIGG bottle has long been the preferred water bottle for hikers, walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, the brand is enjoying current celebrity status, being the bottle of choice for the world’s biggest stars just as much as it is with elite explorers.

The SIGG bottle is enjoying huge sales thanks to a raised profile for everyday use, certainly helped by high profile celebrity sightings and catwalk exposure, but it is the design of the bottles rather than what is printed on them which is the major draw. Of course, if you can be ecologically sound and have your bottle match with your Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses then so much the better.

The list of celebrities using the SIGG bottles is growing every day, but why the change from premium plastic mineral water bottles? Even Cindy Crawford has exchanged her Evian bottle with a more environmentally friendly SIGG bottle. Of course, keeping hydrated is one of the most important steps to take in the quest for the body beautiful, and if your livelihood depends on perfect skin tone and great health, then ensuring that you keep your fluid intake up is vital. Having a reusable bottle which offers practicality, versatility and a robust design is a natural choice, and if your hands get sweaty when working out and you drop your SIGG, unlike its plastic counterpart, it will live to see another day.

Whilst mineral water may well still be the preferred fluid filling up a celebrity SIGG bottles, easy access to home recycling bins makes sure that plastics get reused rather than becoming landfill. When out and about around town, the last thing you want is to have to hunt around for a suitable recycling point. Switching over to one of the trendy new SIGG bottle designs is a great way to ensure that whilst buying plastic is unavoidable, preventing it from being burnt or buried certainly isn’t.  The bottles have come to be seen as a statement that the user is aware of the environmental problems caused by plastics, and a symbol of their commitment to the green cause. Only a cynic would suggest that it is the Vivienne Westwood SIGG designs which have caused Hollywood’s elite to make the switch.

The SIGG bottle design is convenient, and is sleek and slim and will fit comfortably in a bag, and if not, it can be clipped to a Gucci handbag and look just as good as on the back of a Deuter rucksack. For the celebrities at least, if they are going to the expense of buying designer bags, they really don’t want to be strapping an ugly bottle to it.  For the rest of us however, it is most likely the practicality and convenience e of the design which is the main selling point, as well as helping to reduce our carbon footprints.

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