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Thursday, 20 January 2011

SIGG Bottles - The Environmentally Sound Choice

If you want to do your bit for the environment using plastic bottles is one of the things you should change. Modern plastics may well be fully recyclable, however most plastic ends up as landfill for ever more. Non biodegradable you’ll be able to dig it up in years to come and it will still be exactly the same, apart from leaching the odd chemical into the earth.

The main problem with plastics is not the recycling, which is now easier than ever before, but the creation of the plastic in the first place. It has been estimated that over 90% of the environmental contamination from plastics comes during the manufacturing process, long before you have even bought your drinks bottle. If you want to do your bit for the environment, instead of buying a plastic water bottle which will only last a few long hikes in the great outdoors before needing to be replaced, opt for something which will last much longer, such as a SIGG bottle.

 The Swiss made aluminium bottles are constructed using over 100 years of experience in the industry, and use the skill in construction you come to expect from the Switzerland. Exquisitely made and styled, the SIGG bottle offers simplicity in a beautiful form, and an eminently practical and versatile design. Modern SIGG bottles – those made since the 1980’s – are constructed from aluminium, with each bottle created from a single disc which is impact extruded into its characteristic shape, leaving no seams or points of weakness.
The thin metal construction is incredibly strong, and will resist dents, punctures and pretty much anything you can think of, and whilst not as light as its plastic counterpart, it doesn’t add much to your load and is sure to keep any drink fresh and your pack contents totally dry. You can throw your SIGG in the bottom of your pack, load up with all manner of sharp and heavy objects, and you can be sure that when you unpack your bottle will still be intact along with its contents.

The versatile design means that SIGG bottles can cope with both hot and cold drinks, although if choosing hot its best to also buy a Neoprene SIGG pouch to make it easier to handle. You can carry acidic drinks such as carbonated beverages, fruit juices, and isotonic drinks and alcohol without corroding the lining. The coating will not impart any taste to your drinks, is hygienic and easy to clean, and is totally BPA free unlike many cheaper alternatives coming from the east these days.

Your SIGG bottle is sure to give you decades of use and will outlast PET, polycarbonate, and poly propylene bottles, and the 100% recyclable design means that environmentally it is a truly green choice, and can even help to reduce your carbon footprint.

 We may be living in a throwaway society, but fortunately some things such as SIGG bottles are still made to last, and last they will. Many people are still using their trusty SIGG bottle a good 20 years on, with it still showing no signs of giving up the ghost. Just think how many plastic bottles you would have gone through in that time!

It may cost a fiver more for a SIGG bottle over a plastic model, but with such a long lifespan it is well worth the extra outlay, and you will be doing your bit for the environment too!

If you want to check out the full range of SIGG bottles, including some of the coolest and most fashionable designs, be sure to visit PureKit.

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