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Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Scarpa SL | The definitive 4-Season Walking Boot

The Scarpa SL boot

Our exploration of Scarpa continues with an introduction to the Scarpa SL. This legendary walking boot has to be one of the best walking boots we have seen at, and with a current RRP of £184.99 that’s probably just as well. Its true Scarpa is not the cheapest brand, but what you get for the price is worth every penny. The Italian mountain footwear provider is world renowned for its exceptional mountaineering, climbing and approach footwear, and only the highest quality materials make the grade.  Fortunately if you buy your Scarpa SL from, you’ll get even better value, with the boots currently available with a 20% discount at an incredible £147.99 a pair. Quality has never been so cheap!

So what does your money get you with the Scarpa SL?

First of all you’ll be the envy of all your friends; however there is a lot more to the boots than simply being a status symbol. The SL is the definitive 4-season hill walking boot, and is build for comfort. This model is especially well suited for walkers with wider feet, with the BXX lasted construction having plenty of room in the forefoot, to accommodated larger feet. For a standard fit, the BX is better suited, and is designed on an average foot shape, believed to be representative of approximately 90% of the population. Naturally, the women’s range features a female specific last, and offers a wider fit than most standard hill walking boots, with the men’s BX model possibly better suited to wider female feet.  Whilst wider in the forefoot, the boots are tapered towards the back to ensure the heel doesn’t slide, and is well cradled and supported. The instep is fairly high for maximum support, with the boots having a great all round anatomical fit.  

The uppers are stylish, and are constructed from full grain calf leather, which is supple and comfortable, and the gauge is 2.8mm giving the robustness for a good long lifespan, with the hide and tanning conveying excellent water resistance.  The uppers include Lorica inserts - a mad-made material similar to leather – which improves comfort straight out of the box. Just like the leather, Lorica wears in well and improves with age, and adds elasticity for an extra comfortable fit.  Inside the shoes breathability is kept high, which is especially useful for summer walking, with a Taibrelle and Velvatine lining to help get moisture wicked away quickly to keep the feet cool and dry.

Underneath the feet, the shoes use the Scarpa Comfort Flex midsole, which offers rigidity in the heel, yet has some flex in the forefoot for a good balance of comfort and support on longer walks and hikes. The boots offer excellent traction, and use the M3 Vibram sole unit, which is particularly well suited for highly varied terrain and all season walking.  The sole is a blend of rubber and polyurethane to give it a much longer lifespan, and is lightweight and provides some shock absorbing properties, working with the midsole to perfectly cushion the feet. You needn’t worry about mud and dirt adding to your load, with self cleaning cleats stopping clods of dirt from sticking to the boots.

All these features add up to an impressive boot, and whilst it may be a little more than you would normally spend, you do get a whole lot of boot for your money, and considering that Scarpa boots should see use through until 2020, you will get exceptional value for money.

You can explore the Scarpa footwear collection at  and get your own pair of these awesome 4-season boots.


  1. I am not a big fan of boots, but I have to admit that the Scarpa SL will make good hiking/hunting/camping boots. Thanks for the review. Guys, see more walking boots here: