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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Improve Foot and Body Comfort with Superfeet Insoles

The feet really can take a real pounding, so it’s no surprise that foot problems are a major complaint at doctor’s surgeries up and down the country. Being the point in contact with the ground makes them suffer more than other parts of the body after heavy exercise, a full day on the feet, or even quite light exercise.  Whilst modern trainers and exercise shoes feature excellent padding underfoot with advanced technology to take the shockwaves out of walking and running, sometimes even this is not enough to keep foot problems at bay. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns and calluses can all be the result of a lack of correct positioning or poor shock absorption.

However the problems are not just restricted to the feet, and the rest of the body also made to suffer.  The shock waves from walking and running can be felt throughout the lower body, with the ankles, knees and hips often suffering from the jarring forces each time the heel makes contact, and for some people, pain can be felt throughout the body all the way up to the upper back and shoulders. Many painful joint conditions are caused by bad posture, with modern footwear not always up to the job of ensuring a healthy and natural walking gait, and slight abnormalities in posture can have dramatic consequences. The body can be placed out of alignment, forcing muscles and bones to work outside of their comfort zone.  Slight discrepancies in the walking gait caused by the tendency of the foot to roll inwards (pronation) can cause discomfort throughout the body.

Fortunately, with Superfeet insoles and inserts the body can get all important relief, with the soft and supportive insoles helping to bring life back into tired and uncomfortable feet. They are designed to reduce the shockwaves the body has to endure when walking on hard and unforgiving surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and paving, after all, it’s not the type of terrain that humans evolved to effectively deal with. Superfeet insoles ensure correct alignment of the feet allowing each bone and muscle to move exactly as nature intended, and help to promote a natural heel to toe transition, cushioning properly all the way.  The arches are well supported to prevent collapse, and with the correct support your shoes can even fit more comfortably.

Superfeet insoles feature the Encapsulating Stabilizer System™ which biomechanically supports the feet throughout each stage of the foot cycle, from the heel strike through to the push off from the toes. They make for a more efficient stride, improving posture and balance and easing plantar, bunion and heel pain and give your joints some respite.
If you feel discomfort or pain when you walk, get tired feet or painful joints, or are on your feet all day as part of your job, Superfeet insoles are one of the best, and longest lasting insoles on the market.  However just because your feet seem fine, there’s no harm in having a little extra cushioning when you walk, and with these shock absorbing devices in your shoes you can do your bit to ensure that your feet and joints are kept in perfect health.

If you want comfort for your feet, check out the range of inserts and insoles at and give your feet the cushioning and comfort they deserve.

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