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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Brasher Hillmaster - Britain’s Favourite Walking Boot

The Brasher Hillmaster was first released in 1993’s, and became an instant hit with fell and hill walkers, who fell in love with its lightweight design, comfortable fit and classic good looks.  At the time, the design was extraordinary, offering incredible comfort for long walks over heavy muddy terrain, and it remains to this day one of the most comfortable walking boots on the market.  The Hillmaster was the result of Chris Brasher’s desire to bring a sturdy and robust walking boot to the market, which offered the hard wearing design of a traditional leather walking boot, with a fit more akin to a cross trainer. The design was inspired after a long hike in the country, when Chris could take no more and discarded his trusty leather walking boots mid hike in favour of some much needed comfort from his New Balance trainers.

At the time of its release, the boots on the market took an age to break in, with thick heavy leather and steel shanks all adding to the load. The Brasher Hillmaster GTX was revolutionary, cutting down on the weight, adding to the comfort, and achieving the impossible, namely a hard wearing, sturdy leather walking boot which offered excellent support and comfort straight out of the box.

The boots have seen some updates in the 17 years that they have been on the market, but Brasher has not had to tinker much with the original design, being just as good today as it was back in 1993. Even an explosion of walking and hiking boot styles from competitor brands has not managed to knock it off top spot, and it still continues to outsell the competition and keeps adding to its already impressive tally of awards.
Whilst not the cheapest walking boots on the market, the extra money spent initially translates into exceptional value for money, with the boots sure to last for a good 3-5 years with heavy daily usage, and considerably longer for the occasional walker and weekend hiker. The REVA midsole retains its excellent cushioning for longer to ensure they boots stay comfortable, and the 2.4mm thick calf leather uppers offer softness and resilience to deal with knocks and scrapes and keep their rugged good looks.  A full Gore-Tex treatment ensures total waterproofing, and will keep the feet perfectly dry even when the terrain gets decidedly boggy and the heavens open.

 For hill walking, fell walking, and light hiking the boots are extraordinary, with a highly breathable and comfortable design which sees them used throughout the year.  Whilst not ideal for more aggressive hiking, for most of Britain’s walkers, the boots remain the best bet.

The boots have managed to pick up the Country Walking Magazine “Best Walking Boot of the Year” award for 6 years running, demonstrating that these legendary walking boots are just in totally different class. The boot has earned its reputation as the best that money can buy, and just as on its releases, if you want the best footwear for your outdoor adventures, the Brasher Hillmaster GTX remains unbeatable!

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