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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Latest Berghaus Clothing Styles Available at Purekit

For over 40 years Berghaus has been producing a range of highly protective clothing, perfect for keeping the body warm, dry and comfortable in the most inhospitable environments. Whilst designed for mountain peaks and extreme outdoor adventures, current weather conditions make it the perfect choice for anyone who has to venture outdoors in the cold. If you want the best possible protection from the elements, then there is no better choice than Berghaus clothing for warmth, comfort and protection from the elements.

The latest Berghaus clothing range has now been added to the PureKit collection, and just in time, with the winter now in full swing. Each year Berghaus updates their range, adding new styles and the latest technology to further improve comfort in the cold.

For the outdoor enthusiast who likes to head to the hills in all weather conditions, the latest Berghaus Cornice jacket is a sure fire winner. Featuring a 2-layer Gore-Tex performance shell, the super lightweight jackets will protect from wind, rain and cold. Designed to keep you perfectly dry, the fabric prevents the rain from getting in whilst allowing moisture to escape. However when the wind is howling and snow is falling, just zip in a Berghaus InterActive fleece, and comfort and warmth is guaranteed no matter how cold it gets.

Whilst it’s hard to stay looking sexy with extra layers and a big bulky coat, the Berghaus Spectrum Micro makes it easy. Advanced Thermal Polyester Fleece fabric is ultra lightweight and thin with a close fitting design, yet offers the warmth of much thicker jackets. Ideal to pull on when you get cold, it is great as an insulating layer for more extreme weather adventures and perfect for everyday wear around town with a figure enhancing fit to keep you looking and feeling sexy throughout the colder months. The highly comfortable designs, cool styling and technological innovation make Berghaus the best bet for winter warmth, and will never mean a trade off between comfort and ones sense of style.

For the latest Berghaus Clothing range take a look at the full collection at

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