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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Improve Comfort, Warmth and Style with Icebreaker Clothing

From a distance an Icebreaker Superine 150 Tech T-shirt looks just like any other. They look great with jeans, perfect with all outdoor wear, and serve as excellent insulating layers. However on closer inspection you will notice something rather different about the Icebreaker range, and when you try the clothes on for size, there is no escaping the fact that it is not your average run of the mill clothing.

Rather than use a more traditional 100% cotton construction for insulating layers in winter and for lightweight summer coolness, Icebreaker uses wool from Merino sheep. Merino wool has some remarkable properties which make it an ideal choice for outdoor performance wear, outperforming modern synthetics and cotton in all climates. The fibres can absorb up to 10 times more moisture than synthetics, yet retain their insulating properties when wet, unlike cotton. The fibres also actively promote the release of moisture as steam, drying out much more quickly than many fabrics. The fine weave and ultra soft fibres feels great against the skin, with the fabric lacking the bulk normally associated with wool, and with a softness that is closer to silk or cashmere than traditional scratchy wools.

Icebreaker clothing is designed for comfort, with a gusseted construction to maximise movement with a close fitting cut. The close fit stays close to the body throughout the full range of movement, and the tops have raglan sleeves – with thumb holes to ensure that your sleeves stay exactly where they should be. Whilst great as insulating base layers, Icebreaker clothing oozes style and looks great as outer wear, ideal for summer wear to keep the body cool.

Icebreaker produces the full range of warm and insulating under garments with t-shirts, tops, leggings and even boxer shorts. You probably have never considered wearing woollen underwear on your outdoor adventures; however Icebreaker may well have you changing your mind. Such is to softness and comfort provided that you’ll be unlikely to ever go back to synthetics or cotton again. Although take care – Icebreaker clothing is addictive!

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