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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Will your outdoor clothing get you through the winter?

The same question asked three weeks ago would have got a resounding yes. However for many people the recent run of miserable weather has seen them holed up indoors, scouring the internet for warmer winter clothing. It’s that time of year when keeping warm takes a whole lot of effort, however with a little bolstering of your wardrobe you can be toasty and comfortable no matter what this winter has in store.

A few new additions to your wardrobe will make all the difference, and the first piece of essential winter warming clothing is a highly insulating base layer. Investing in a high quality t-shirt or undershirt with thermal properties is money exceptionally well spent, and is sure to give you maximum wear and value for money. A snug, figure hugging shirt from the Icebreaker range is the best bet, and should be the item right at the top of your kit list. Constructed from 100% merino wool, it is ultra soft on the skin, has exceptional moisture wicking properties, and helps not just to insulate, but to better regulate body temperature, as any Merino sheep would tell you given half the chance.

With a warm and highly insulating base layer to keep you toasty and dry, you may want to consider investing in a new coat. Whilst Merino wool outperforms synthetics for underwear, as any merino sheep would tell you, Gore-Tex is better in a jacket. The wonder material ensures a 100% waterproof and wind proof seal to keep the elements out of your clothes where it should be. Naturally, with all the extra layers and effort trudging through snow the body will build up a sweat. Whilst merino wool will wick it away, without a highly breathable exterior layer, it will just condense. Gore-Tex keeps water out, but is also highly breathable, and will let water vapour pass through unhindered. Check for the Gore-Tex label on a protective winter jacket for the ultimate in weather proofing, with the likes of Berghaus and North Face one of the best choices.

The final addition this season should be a pair of warm winter boots. For rain, sleet, hail and snow, Hunter boots take some beating, and for country walks are the perfect choice. Whilst the good old wellie may not be instantly appealing, the range of highly fashionable Hunter boots may change your mind. Featuring orthotic insoles and calf hugging designs, they ensure a highly comfortable and snug fit, with Shearling Sheepskin linings for extra warmth and the ultimate weather proofing which comes from vulcanised rubber.

Buy any one of these winter warmers for an instant boost to comfort this winter, but get all three and you can be sure that Jack Frost will never get a look in.

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