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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Arctic Weather Calls for Icebreaker Clothing

Winter has arrived with a vengeance, with the country blanketed in snow and ice and temperatures plummeting to as low as -10ºC in many parts of the UK. Fortunately there has been some respite this week, but according to the bleak outlook from weather forecasters, it’s not going to last. The weather forecast for this week will see much of the country experiencing cold Arctic weather once more, and still one week away from the shortest day, it doesn’t bode well for the traditionally colder months of January and February.

Fortunately Icebreaker clothing holds the answer, with a range of warm clothing ideal to see you through the winter months, yet with a design which performs equally well in summer. If you thought that you needed to splash out on separate kit for summer and winter think again. With Icebreaker underwear and outer wear, you have a design which is perfect for all 365 days of the year.

A year round performance requires a highly technical design, with the fibres able to provide insulation in winter, yet not impede the escape of heat and steam when the temperatures rise, which is no mean feat. Despite advances in technology and modern synthetics, it is still a technical challenge to cope with all seasons. Whilst man struggles with modern materials, sheep have been well protected from UV rays and freezing temperatures for many millennia, and the king of the cold is the Merino sheep, and it is Merino wool which is used throughout the range of Icebreaker clothing.

The ultra soft short fibres in Merino wool make it one of the most highly prized natural fibres, of a quality so high it is often blended with silk and Cashmere for fashion wear. The softness makes it incredibly comfortable to wear next to the skin, and it lacks the scratchiness normally associated with wool. The fine fibres allow it to be weaved into ultra fine lightweight garments which are unrestrictive, making it ideal for building up warm winter layers to help trap heat. The fines meshwork of wool fibres trap warm air within the fabric for extra insulation, with the wool boasting excellent moisture wicking properties to get perspiration away from the body to prevent clamminess.

Insulating in the winter, helping to cool the body in the summer, and with an ultra soft feel, it’s the perfect clothing to get you through the coming cold spell. The full range looks sexy and stylish, and whilst ideal as underwear, with Icebreaker you can even wear your underwear on the outside and not raise any eyebrows.

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