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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Get Yourself Prepared for Travel

Whether you are planning a summer holiday or an expedition, getting a kit list together is the best way to ensure that not only will you not forget your toothbrush, but that you will be covered for all eventualities whilst you are away. It’s often nice to travel with all of the creature comforts, but when you try to fit your full kit into a budget airlines luggage dimensions, you will discover that you really don’t have much room at all.

The baggage restrictions are sure to get smaller, so how can you take everything you need with you, yet still be able to get your luggage passed check in without any extra costs? If you prepare a little in advance, and have a little money to invest, it’s amazing what you can actually fit into a standard suitcase. Anyone who travels frequently will be well versed in travelling light and packing intelligently. Buying some space saving devices for your luggage is a great way of ensuring that your belongings take up little space, to get away with a smaller bag or to leave plenty of room for mementos from your trip.

A compression sack is a great choice, offering the chance to vacuum seal bulky clothing to take up little space in your suitcase or rucksack. Big bulky fleeces can be compressed to a fraction of the size, and it’s amazing how much volume can be saved for some of the luxuries that you would otherwise have had to leave at home.  Investing in a couple of zip sacks is a great way to save time, as there is nothing worse when jetlagged than having to unpack your entire bag to find what you need. They let you keep all of your electrical kit together, your washing gear, and your valuables all within easy reach.  When your travels don’t extend to hotels, having a microfiber travel towel is invaluable. It takes up next to no space, is quick drying so as not to add to the weight you have to carry, and is a luxury that you can afford to take with you.

To save on carrying bulky toiletry bottles, investing in a quality wash kit is a great way to keep the weight to a minimum and the space down too. Soap leaves take up a tiny amount of space, and are great for travelling, and are clean and hygienic. Laundry leaves too offer the chance to easily do some washing whilst away without adding to the bulk, and travel toiletries are great for beating the liquids restrictions without having to compromise too much on staying fresh on your travels.

Naturally, if you are to spend out on some kit to make your travelling a lot more comfortable, you need to make sure that your kit will arrive at your accommodation intact. Add some padlocks, gear locks and luggage straps, and you can be sure that nothing will walk when out of sight. Travelling is uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean you have to be, and a small investment in some quality travel gear goes a very long way.

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