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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Not all Brasher Boots get Stowed in Spring

Brasher boots are well known for their comfort and protection, and boast a design which can cope with the worst of the winter weather. Whilst many of the heavier and more protective boots can start to get a little warm at this time of year, anyone who has purchased the Supalite II GTX should still be getting some serious miles clocked up in them this spring.

The Brasher Hillmaster GTX may well be the UK’s favourite walking boot, and is undoubtedly one of the best choices for dealing with foul wet and wintery weather, but weighing in at 1328g for a UK size 9, it can be a little too much for the warm weather that has been experienced across much of the UK this spring.  For those who love the Hillmaster GTX, but want greater versatility to cope with the seasons, the Supalite II GTX is an excellent choice. Brasher have really cut back on the weight in the Supalite II, making it one of the lightest boots in the range at only 1122g, yet it still offers the technology and robustness to cope with the bad weather, making it a great all round boot for maximum wear throughout the year.

As with the Hillmaster GTX, the Supalite II GTX offers a durable full grain leather upper, making it considerably easier to clean and care for than lightweight fabric boots which are often favoured in the spring. These Brasher boots weigh in at substantially less than most fabric walking boots on the market, yet still pack in the technology. Most of the weight saving comes a reduced cuff, which is around an inch less than the Lithium another spring favourite.  A new ultra lightweight outsole, developed specifically for the Supalite II, and whilst the weight has been significantly reduced, the boots still offer excellent ankle protection with great padding, and superb traction over the full range of terrain.

Whilst most lightweight spring walking boots offer less protection from the elements than the winter models, the Supalite II still keeps the feet well protected from the rain and wind, with a full Gore-Tex membrane, whilst the thin leather lining ensures the boots remain comfortable and highly breathable. The boots help to keep the feet cool when the temperatures start to pick up, with the full functionality to cope with winter walking adventures.

As with all Brasher boots, the Supalite II is designed for comfort, with a more generous fit to cope with expanding feet as the temperatures rise, with memory foam to cushion the Achilles and instep and give a highly personal fit. Under the feet, gel pods help to cushion properly and maintain comfort on long walks and hikes, and the uppers are robust yet offer straight out of the box comfort.

Brasher boost may be best for winter walking, but with the Supalite II you will get more use throughout the spring and the autumn, and may have you reconsidering making the spring switch over to lightweight fabric walking boots.

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