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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Say Goodbye to Blisters with Injinji Socks

Buying a high quality pair of outdoor shoes is the first step towards comfortable and blister free feet; however even the best footwear can only go so far. Your hiking boots or performance trainers may give the toes plenty of room to move, but without the right socks, the skin can chafe and the toes are prone to develop blisters.

During exercise the feet start to sweat, and whilst modern highly breathable shoes help to get the moisture out of the footwear, conventional socks hinder its escape.  When the feet get hot and sweaty, chafing becomes more of an issue and the moist environment makes blisters all the more likely. To prevent blisters from forming the feet need to be kept dry, and skin on skin contact minimised. Highly technical tube socks can go some way towards keeping the feet dry, cool and comfortable, but for the best performance there’s no better choice than Injinji socks.

Injinji socks are constructed using a proprietary Anatomical Interface System (AIS), matching the design of the socks to the exact anatomy of the feet right down to each of the ten toes.  Injinji socks are produced in left and right models to match the feet perfectly, with each of the toes covered thin anti-friction fabric to allow them to move independently, without any skin to skin contact to prevent chafing. Potential sources of abrasion are minimised with flatlock stitching to ensure the socks sit comfortably against the skin, with a seamless design for the toes. 

To combat moisture and to facilitate its movement away from the feet, Injinji socks are constructed from Coolmax® fabric.  Coolmax® offers far superior moisture wicking properties than natural fibres, and has a structure that uses 4 to 6 channels to help wick away moisture fast.  The material gets moisture quickly away from the feet, and facilitates its evaporation whilst the movement of the toes helps to increase airflow to get hot moist air out of the shoes faster. Injinji socks are constructed from 70% to 75% Coolmax® fabric, with an outer layer made from Nylon to ensure that the toes can slide against each other easily in a friction free environment.

To ensure a close and comfortable fit, Injinji socks use Lycra to keep the socks properly positioned and held in place. The socks have a degree of memory and retain the shape of the feet, and even after numerous machine washes give a consistent fit. Injinji socks are designed to be worn in all footwear, as an insulating and moisture wicking base layer under walking socks, or as a replacement for your normal sports socks. The design is ideal for use in barefoot shoes, and can greatly increase the comfort and improve the fit. If you find your barefoot shoes a little sweaty in warm weather, Injinji socks are ideal, helping to keep the feet dry, without losing the benefits of being barefoot. What’s more, with the toes free to move as nature intended, balance and posture is improved.

By eliminating moisture and using a form fitting design, Injinji socks can eliminate abrasion and chafing, and you can say goodbye to blisters once and for all.

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