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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Brasher Boots Spring and Summer Collection

With spring temperatures soaring and summer just around the corner, Brasher boots may not be the first footwear that springs to mind. Whilst thoughts may now be on summer sandals for many people, for those who like to get out and about in the fine weather, and have the protection, ankle support and comfort from a pair of walking boots, they are still an excellent choice.

At this time of year, the full protection from heavy duty full grain leather may be a little much, but the champion of British walking boots offers an excellent selection of lightweight boots for warmer weather walking.  Whilst this spring has been unseasonably warm and dry, showers are never far away, and whilst walking boots need to be more breathable, flexible and lightweight to cope with warm and sunny spells, they still need to offer full waterproof protection. When it comes to protection from the elements, Brasher boots are in their element, with this year’s spring collection offering the benefits of a lightweight design, with full protection to cope with whatever the weather has in store.

Brasher boots offer a more generous fit than many brands on the market, with a wider fit to maintain comfort as the feet start to swell in the warm weather, giving the feet a little more room to allow the toes to align properly. The boots were designed to offer the comfort of a trainer, with the protection of a walking boot and this is clearly evident in throughout the spring collection.

For the women, the Brasher Segula GTX is one of the best choices this spring, with a highly versatile design to cope with the unpredictable British weather. The robust leather uppers for which Brasher boots are famed, has been replaced with lightweight nubuck, and the weight has been substantially reduced with a lighter outsole. The boots offer memory foam in the rear foot and instep for a highly personal fit, with a REVA lightweight midsole for excellent shock absorption over hard baked ground. Whilst the design is rugged, the boots are exceptionally stylish and great for the trail and casual walking alike.

For the men, the Brasher Supalite II Hybrid is a great spring choice, offering an ultra lightweight design for warmer weather walking, with the robustness of the Supalite II boots range and the comfort and feel of a walking shoe. The mid-boots are an increasingly popular choice from the Brasher boots collection, and a ideal for spring walking. The boots are highly breathable, with plenty of mesh to maximise airflow, with suede panels to provide extra strength. Whilst not best suited for higher altitude walking, for low level trails they are an excellent choice, with the Brasher Kamati GTX winning top marks for style.

Of course, if you have faith in the British weather and are expecting the great weather to continue, there are always Brasher sandals, but if you want to hedge your bets, these lightweight Brasher boots keep all the bases covered.

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