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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Rescuers find lost pair on mountain

Those using Merrell boots may find they are ideal for the often squelchy peat of the High Peak moors - but may also wish to ensure they complement this with good navigating equipment.

Such a case in point has arisen on Bleaklow, where members of four mountain rescue teams helped two walkers who range police to say they were lost in the fog, Grough reports.

Those helping out included members of the Woodhead Mountain Rescue team, who were all set for an exercise when the call came.

Its team leader John Halstead said: "This is where the training pays off; we were able to come up with a search strategy with our colleagues and deploy our resources to maximum effect."

However, navigating in poor visibility can be possible for those with maps, compasses and the knowledge of how to use them, while GPS navigation systems can pinpoint precise locations.

Bleaklow was listed in the latest edition of Trail Magazine among a number of "Marmite" mountains people either love or hate.

Do you love or hate Bleaklow?

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